2017 Board Training Events


NEW in 2017!


Budget Preparation-Monday, August 14, 2017

Insurance-Wednesday, October 4, 2017 

Please watch your email and mailbox for event details!


TEAM BUILDING August 4, 2017

ESCAPE Modesto is a new corporate team-building activity through a live-escape game.

During our experience we had to collectively use our observational skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills as we attempted to withstand the intensity and pressure as time slowly ticks away while we were trying to escape the room in only 60 minutes!  The game encouraged us to interact with one another and get to know one another a lot better as we worked together to escape the room. This fun team-building game helped bring our staff closer together and upon completion of our time, generated a sense of achievement among us.


Board In-House Training Wed June 28, 2017

A full house for a worthwhile event! Many thanks to Michael C. McDermott from Browning Reserve Group for his great presentation on the Reserve Studies Basics. Thanks as well, to those in attendance who asked excellent questions and shared some of their experiences to enhance the learning for everyone.

10th Annual Board of Directors Seminar-March 11, 2017

The Cooper Company’s annual training event at Del Rio Country Club! Many thanks to our speakers and sponsors for supporting this event!  We appreciate all the community volunteers who came out to learn how to be the best board member possible for their communities!

Love Week 2017!

Khalil Gibran, in The Prophet wrote…“All work is empty save where there is love.
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself,
and to one another,
and to God.”

This week, Love has become part of the global dialogue. Love for diversity and Love for ALL — regardless of background of origin, faith or beliefs. But what happens if we were to take it a little further and bring love into the workplace? 

Here’s what happened when we did…



Board Director Orientation-Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A full house for a worthwhile event!  Many thanks to Brad Epstein, Susannah Cendejas, and Jonathan Broddrick from  Angius & Terry LLC for their great presentation on how to be an effective board member. It was an hour and a half full of valuable information.  Thanks as well, to those in attendance who asked excellent questions and shared some of their experiences to enhance the learning for everyone.  Here’s what one of our attendees had to say…

“Thank you for the invitation and hosting of a very informative opportunity to learn more about “How to be an effective board member.”  The reception/event was held in a beautiful office (with mesmerizing/sparkling light fixtures, glass walls, and comfortable chairs); the appetizers were very refreshing; the opportunity to meet the presenters, Brad Epstein and Susana Cendejas, and your spouse/partner and staff was delightful…Read More…


Open House October 6, 2016


We are delighted to announce that The Cooper Company has expanded to a new office location, very nearby, conveniently located with well-appointed and private meeting rooms to accommodate our associations.   We look forward to hosting in-house board trainings on specific topics of interest to you, our clients. In addition, we look forward to hosting industry organization events as well.

Our new address is 3425 Coffee Road Suite 1B Modesto CA 95355. We are just South of Sylvan on Coffee Road, next to the MID power station and across Sylvan from our old office.  We can’t wait to see you there!