11th Annual Board of Directors Seminar- February 24th, 2018


This year’s seminar was a fun and educational day for all that attended! This invitation only event empowered our client board members with the information and know-how to make their community even better.  Training on new and existing law, rule enforcement, navigating social media liability, and wood repair and painting were just some of the topics we covered this year by our wonderful speakers.


Additionally, attendees received a beautiful breakfast at the picturesque Del Rio Country club. To keep the energy up this year we played a few rounds of trivia with our fun Jeopardy style podiums provided by one of our vendors. Contestants that participated in the games received fantastic prizes so the competition was fierce. First prize received a $100 gift certificate to the Gallo Arts Center, second prize got a $50 Visa dining gift card, and third prize received a $30 Regal Cinemas gift card thanks to our very generous vendors that provided them!


Finally, to wrap up the event, we had a raffle for all the great items that were provided by our generous vendors! There were a variety of items from gift cards, to beautiful plants, and even a backpack picnic kit! Many thanks to all our vendors for their creative raffle items! Also big thank you to our speakers that spent so much time preparing great presentations and thanks to all who attended this year.

Love Week 2018

This year for Love Week we had our “Secret Angels” deliver all kinds of goodies to their “Humans” throughout the week to show their colleagues some love. Some angels were very sneaky and managed to surprise their humans without getting caught! Here are some of the great surprises that were made to spread the love:

Christmas Time at The Cooper Company 2017


For Christmas this year we had some fun with our elf friend Humbug! He roamed around the office getting into all sorts of trouble. Our team made sure to document his adventures when they spotted him.

To celebrate the season our team had a lovely lunch at the Del Rio Country Club beside their beautiful fireplace.  We played a few rounds of the White Elephant Gift Exchange game. Some team members were brutal and stole from other members, while others were very content with their prizes. Some of the top prizes included a Google Home mini, a waffle iron, Bluetooth speakers, fluffy blankets, and gift cards. It was a fun day for all!

Insurance 101 Training – October 4, 4017

Fantastic presentation by Socher Insurance Agency delving into great topics on policy types, claims handling, bidding, and renewal. Huge thanks to Kevin Phillippi, Maria Fajardo, & Charlotte Allen for the great information and all board members that were in attendance.


Budget Preparation Training – August 23, 2017

Fantastic lesson in Budget Preparation from Nathan McGuire of Adams Stirling Professional Law Corporation! Thanks to all who attended and brought up great questions and experiences to the conversation.


Reserve Study Basics Training – June 28, 2017

Another outstanding learning opportunity! Many thanks to Michael C. McDermott from Browning Reserve Group for his great presentation on the Reserve Studies Basics. Thanks as well, to those in attendance who asked excellent questions and shared some of their experiences to enhance the learning for everyone.


Team Building – August 4, 2017


ESCAPE Modesto is a new corporate team-building activity through a live-escape game.

During our experience we had to collectively use our observational skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills as we attempted to withstand the intensity and pressure as time slowly ticks away while we were trying to escape the room in only 60 minutes!  The game encouraged us to interact with one another and get to know one another a lot better as we worked together to escape the room. This fun team-building game helped bring our staff closer together and upon completion of our time, generated a sense of achievement among us.


10th Annual Board of Directors Seminar – March 11, 2017

The Cooper Company’s annual training event at Del Rio Country Club! Many thanks to our speakers and sponsors for supporting this event!  We appreciate all the community volunteers who came out to learn how to be the best board member possible for their communities!


Love Week 2017!

Khalil Gibran, in The Prophet wrote…“All work is empty save where there is love.
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself,
and to one another,
and to God.”

This week, Love has become part of the global dialogue. Love for diversity and Love for ALL — regardless of background of origin, faith or beliefs. But what happens if we were to take it a little further and bring love into the workplace? 

Here’s what happened when we did…



Board Director Orientation – January 31, 2017

A full house for a worthwhile event!  Many thanks to Brad Epstein, Susannah Cendejas, and Jonathan Broddrick from  Angius & Terry LLC for their great presentation on how to be an effective board member. It was an hour and a half full of valuable information.  Thanks as well, to those in attendance who asked excellent questions and shared some of their experiences to enhance the learning for everyone.  Here’s what one of our attendees had to say…

“Thank you for the invitation and hosting of a very informative opportunity to learn more about “How to be an effective board member.”  The reception/event was held in a beautiful office (with mesmerizing/sparkling light fixtures, glass walls, and comfortable chairs); the appetizers were very refreshing; the opportunity to meet the presenters, Brad Epstein and Susana Cendejas, and your spouse/partner and staff was delightful…Read More…