Love Week 2019

Every year we like to celebrate the week of Valentines Day as Love Week. Love Week is similar to Secret Santa where each employee draws a name out of a hat and purchases or makes fun things to show their person some love. At the end of the week we try and guess who our “Secret Angels” are so the key is to be sly and try and throw people off your scent!
Here are some of the ways our employees where shown love this week.



Save the Date – March 9th, 2019

Attention all board members, Saturday, March 9th, 2019 is the day of our annual Board of Directors Seminar! If you are able to join please RSVP by February 27th.

This year’s theme is, “Your Kingdom’s Royal Endeavors,” we will cover the how to’s of construction management, the best ways to upkeep your roads and curbs, as well as the new laws your HOA may come in contact with.

Board Member Legal Orientation Training- February 4, 2019

We had a great group of board members last night for our Board Member Legal Orientation presented by Angius & Terry LLP.  Board members learned about how to be an effective member of their team as well as how to handle disputes and know when to seek advice from experts. If you missed the presentation you can check it out here. Board Member Legal Orientation 2019

Special thanks to Susanna Cendejas and Brad Epstein of Angius & Terry LLP for a wonderful presentation!

2019 CACM Law Seminar

Last week our team of managers attended the 2019 “Come Together” CACM Law Seminar & Expo to get up to date on all the new laws that will be affecting homeowners of community associations as well as discover the latest offerings from innovative industry partners that will help us stay competitive in the current business climate. They got a front row seat on all the action at the largest gathering of community management professionals in California.


Christmas Holiday- 2018


This year for our holiday party we had a very filling lunch at the gorgeous Del Rio Country Club. We enjoyed some time together out of the office, exchanging gifts and playing a few rounds of the White Elephant gift exchange. Great minds thought alike because we had two matching breakfast sandwich makers in the mix! Also, some funny person provided a lump of coal! (Don’t worry, there was a gift card that came along with it!)

After lunch the team headed back to the office to decorate our Christmas tree and fill each room with some Christmas cheer. Fun day for all thanks to Angela and Bob!

Halloween Time Fun – October 2018

To shake things up this Halloween we had a surprise for our employees, a photo booth! Angela found a bunch of fun props and thought it would be fun to have something that everyone could enjoy the week before Halloween. Our people got creative with all the different masks and crazy props to choose from. Here are some of the results of our spooky, silly staff’s photo booth adventure.


Real World Enforcement: A Violation Problem Solving Discussion – August 28, 2018


We had a full house at our Real World Enforcement discussion! Board members were eager to discuss how to practically and appropriately handle violations that arise in their communities. We were able to have the lovely Susana Cendejas, of Anguis & Terry LLP, present the how to’s of rule enforcement in a homeowners association. Special thanks to all those able to attend and Anguis and Terry LLP for the wonderful information!

“Very knowledgeable and professional company. They have been instrumental guiding our HOA. The ongoing seminars and education they provide is very helpful.” – Thomas Galasco, Board Member

Here is the presentation, if you would like to take a look! Real World Enforcement PPT

Governing Document Revisions & Restatements Training – June 21, 2018

This month’s in-house training dealt with revising and restating an association’s governing documents in order to help bring outdated documents in line with new and current laws, clarify ambiguities, adopt better operational procedures, and establish new maintenance responsibilities.


We had Cyrus Koochek, Esq. of SwedelsonGottlieb deliver a fantastic presentation that helped answer a lot of our board members questions. Many thanks to those that were in attendance and to SwedelsonGottlieb for the wonderful information!  


Board of Director Orientation Training – April 30, 2018

We had a full house Monday for our Board of Director Orientation in-house training. Attendees received lots of great information from Brad Epstien, of Angius and Terry LLP, about how to be an effective board member for their communities. Thank you to all who were able to make it and big thanks to Brad and Jonathan, of Angius and Terry LLP, for all of your hard work and fantastic presentation!


Team Building – April 13th, 2018

This year our team decided to see if we had gotten any better at solving puzzles by attempting Escape Modesto once again, only this year we upped the ante by trying the next level CSI Modesto room. It was challenging as our team was divided up into two rooms with a locked glass door in between us. The clues found could be for either room so it was important to communicate! Let me tell you, 60 minutes goes by so fast! Though we were very close to figuring out, “Who done it?” we still had a little ways to go after time ran out. Everyone on the team enjoyed the challenge and was eager to try it again soon!