Homeowner Association (HOA) Management Page

Real-world management of your community begins with your management team. Each HOA is organized into our tri-level management model. This model provides the real-world, person-to-person connection you’ll find invaluable as a director or homeowner.

Community Manager 

This individual is your board of directors’ right hand. The community manager advises the board, administers contracts, bids major projects, and provides legal, regulatory and financial expertise. With the help of their assistant, they manage the flow of work between the board and contractors. Our team of community managers has more than 65 years of experience in the association management industry.

Management Assistant 

The first point of contact for your community residents and homeowners is the management assistant, supporting board and homeowner requests and managing the day-to-day operations of your association in conjunction with the community manager. Your assistant is an expert on integral paperwork and maintains our extensive library of information on your association and HOAs in general.

Accounting Team

Our full-service accounting department whose expertise and experience exceeds 30 years with The Cooper Company ensures the optimal oversight of your funds. Our three-member accounting team is divided into escrow/accounts receivable, accounts payable/collections and our CACM certified accounting manager, providing extra eyes on those financials each step of the way.


We believe that communities are the heart of our society, and that community associations provide all of us, as homeowners, the means to protect our families and the value of our homes, to improve the quality of our neighborhoods and to share with our neighbors the responsibility of making sure our communities flourish.

Several years ago, I purchased a condo at McHenry Vista East. This is a small, 27-unit development that was built in 1962. At that time, the HOA management was done on a “financials only” basis, meaning that any true management of the HOA was not being done.

I was on the board of directors almost immediately, due to a general lack of interest and involvement on the part of other owners. Dues had been kept artificially low to appease members, and reserves were almost non-existent. There was so much deferred maintenance at the complex that it was difficult to know where to start.

After a few years of getting estimates for repairs and maintenance with another board member, we pursued a full-service management company. We met with The Cooper Company and were delighted with the welcome we received and the subsequent treatment they gave us.

As a small HOA, the real estate market collapse had a dramatic impact on us. Several units fell into foreclosure and delinquent dues were a result. Through it all, The Cooper Company kept us solvent, recommending actions that kept our complex maintained while also building reserves for future projects.

We could not be happier with The Cooper Company! Their collective professionalism, their ability to accomplish jobs big and small, and their expertise in HOA management is unparalleled in our area. They were able to save our little complex, and set us on a positive track for years to come. Karen Curci, Board President – McHenry Vista East



We help community associations and their board of directors navigate the legal, regulatory and financial challenges HOAs face every day, by:

  • Responding to homeowners’ needs with timeliness and accuracy assisted by industry-specific software and tablets to efficiently follow up on situations.
  • Educating and advising board of directors to make informed and stress-free decisions.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the association on behalf of the board and homeowners, protecting and improving the community, the environment, and homeowner property values.

We believe that supporting our associations starts with supporting our board of directors. We place heavy emphasis on educating and advising boards to ensure that their decisions are informed by calm deliberation and decisive action, backed by regulation, and consistent with the principles on which the association was formed.

Trust a friend in the community… call us for a free consultation to discuss your community’s unique features so we can work on creating a custom set of services that are the perfect fit for you and your budget.

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