Commercial Association Management

Real-world management of your community begins with your management team. Each HOA is organized into our tri-level management model. This model provides the real-world, person-to-person connection you’ll find invaluable as a director or homeowner.

From office condos, medical complexes, and commercial planned developments, The Cooper Company has delivered the finest in professional, commercial property management and governance since 1981. Whether your property is a segment of a large portfolio or an individual investment, The Cooper Company capably meets the daily commercial management requirements of owners, landlords and investors. Count on us to enhance operations, resolve challenges, recognize opportunities and increase your return on investment. Business office parks, commercial condominiums and mixed-use associations are all supported by The Cooper Company team.

I wanted to take a moment to comment on the service received from The Cooper Company. Our Association came to The Cooper Company with several challenges before us such as: limited funds, deferred maintenance, and security issues. With The Cooper Company’s experience and expertise, and in partnership with our board, we were able to achieve a major upgrade to our buildings and the project came in under budget. We were able to fund the project in a method that worked for all of our owners. When security of our buildings became an issue, a creative solution was presented to our board by The Cooper Company. Since then we have essentially eliminated the break ins that were occurring prior. At our pleasant lunchtime meetings we are moving forward in a proactive way for the future of our Association. Jim Woodbury DDS – Park Place Professional Center



We believe that businesses are at the heart of our communities, providing needed services and products for all of us working and living in those communities. Commercial associations provide enhanced locations for those businesses to operate and grow, so that they can expand and improve the important offerings they provide to our communities.

Our commercial association has partnered with The Cooper Company for over 10 years. Working together with our manager we have conquered deferred maintenance projects, funding challenges and more. Due to the financial planning tools put together by The Cooper Company, our association is on firm financial footing for our future needs. Our association appearance has improved substantially. With the “hands-on” nature of The Cooper Company, our board has accomplished a great deal with a limited time commitment for our busy board members. Randy Clark, President – Oakwood Office Park Property Owners Association



We help commercial associations navigate the legal, regulatory and financial challenges they face every day by:

  • Proficiently managing quality properties to maximize value of the assets. We focus on our individual clients while enhancing the business community environment.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the association on behalf of the board, as well as protecting and improving investor property values.
  • Facilitating long-term financial and maintenance planning goals, and guiding the board of directors through their implementation, thus ensuring continued viability of the association.

Trust a friend in the community… call us for a free consultation to discuss your community’s unique features so we can work on creating a custom set of services that are the perfect fit for you and your budget.


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