We’ve wrapped up another successful Cooper Company event! Every year we are happy to present our HOA board members with a great day of new vital information, legal updates, operation techniques, and most importantly, FUN!

We welcomed special guest speakers Brad Epstein and Susana Cendejas, of Angius & Terry, to present our directors with new legal updates for 2019 regarding association finances, governing operations, and procedural requirements. Also joining us was Mark Greening, of RFI Construction Management Inc., to provide some very helpful insight and tips on all that goes into the processes of construction and maintenance projects in our communities, including planning, budgeting, and management. The final piece of our learning puzzle was a brief overview by Juli Hunt of Dryco, on the intricacies and importance of paving procedures around our HOAs.


Thank you to all of our guests for showing up ready and eager to learn. And even greater thanks go out to all participating sponsors for making this fabulous event possible.

We can’t wait to see you all again next year!