Single Family Residential Management

The success of your income property is as important to us as it is to you. The leasing and management of your property is more profitable and convenient when you partner with the market leader, The Cooper Company. Because your satisfaction and the financial success of your investment are our key concerns, we strategically reduce your expenses and keep our fees to a minimum while strengthening your earnings. Enjoy greater peace of mind than ever before as we deliver the exact level of daily, full-service property management expertise you need.

We help residential real estate investors by providing attentive oversight to:

  • Advertising, quality tenant procurement, timely management of tenant turnovers and maintenance needs.
  • Managing cash flow needs including rent collection, payables and providing detailed cash flow statement for each property every month.
  • Providing focused maintenance and vendor oversight, property inspections, 24/7 emergency maintenance service and more.


I have entrusted my property to The Cooper Company for approximately six years.  During that time I have had not had any reason for concern. The Cooper Company staff has always been professional, astute, and has always had the interest of me and my property at the forefront. The Cooper Company has had my full confidence since day one.  I feel secure in the knowledge that my property and its interests are always being protected. I thank you, The Cooper Company.

John Rocha


We believe that communities are the heart of our society and that owners of real estate provide a valuable service by offering safe, comfortable and affordable homes for those who do not wish to or cannot afford to own a home of their own. We provide services to property owners that help them easily and inexpensively manage their holdings, and assist them in presenting those needed homes to the community.

Trust a friend in the community… call us for a free consultation to discuss your property’s unique features so we can work on creating a custom set of services that are the perfect fit for you and your budget.

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